Code of ethics

Verkís Code of ethics


Verkís understands its important role in the community as a knowledge-based company and has, on these grounds, adopted the following code of ethics.
This code of ethics is in line with Verkís values Integrity – Ambition – Initiative and are relevant to the internal and external company operations.
The purpose of the code of ethics is to combat corruption, highlight the company's social responsibility and focus on the ethical criteria that Verkís emphasises in its work. 

In general

  • We provide our work conscientiously, in accordance with good ethics, honesty and responsibility, thus contributing to the respect and good reputation of the company.
  • We strive to have a positive, frank and honest communications with our colleagues, customers and other stakeholders.
  • We respect confidentiality and use discretion in our dealings with colleagues and clients.
  • We avoid conflicts of interest and try to ensure impartiality in our work.

Knowledge and dissemination

  • We maintain our professional knowledge and skills so that our service is always the best option at any given time.
  • We strive to convey knowledge to stakeholders and society with sustainable development as a guiding principle.

Social responsibility

  • We emphasise transparency in all decision-making processes regarding the company's operations.
  • We support and respect human rights and acknowledge their importance in accordance with the criteria of the United Nations, international covenants and other codes of ethics.
  • We try to find solutions and provide services that comply with the principles of sustainable development.
  • We have put in place working procedures that aim to encourage increased social awareness and accountability and thus emphasise the prevention of inappropriate conduct.
  • We respect the rule of law and acknowledge that compliance with laws and other legal provisions is mandatory.


  • Verkís encourages executives, managers, employees and other stakeholders to conduct themselves in a morally and socially responsible manner and report inappropriate actions if they become aware of such conduct. Such conduct may occur within or outside the workplace.
  • The managers of Verkís ensure that this code of ethics is presented, available and enforced.

These protocols are based on, amongst others, the code of ethics from FRV, FIDIC, VFÍ, ISO 26000 and also generally accepted conduct.