30/9/2015 : Extension of the Búrfell hydropower plant


Verkís has signed a consultancy agreement with Landsvirkjun for the extension of the Búrfell hydropower plant. The services involve the preparation of tender documents for the project together with tender design, final design, design review as well as assistance during procurement and construction.


16/9/2015 : Short course on Geothermal Project Management in Djibouti

Verkís is conducting a Short Course on Geothermal Project Management in Djibouti under the direction of the UNU-GTP for selected employees of the Djiboutian Development Office for Geothermal Energy (ODDEG), the Ministry of Energy, Water and Natural Resources (MERN) and the Djibouti Center for Research Studies (CERD). 


8/9/2015 : Owner's Engineer for the Tanesco hydro power plants emergency repair program


Tanesco has undertaken an emergency repair program for five hydro-electric power plants in Tanzania: New Pangani Falls (2x34 MW), Kidatu (4x50 MW), Mtera (2x40 MW), Kihansi (3x60 MW) and Nyumba Ya Mungu (2x4 MW) and receives support from the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).