29/8/2016 : FV. 505 Skjæveland – Foss Eikeland


Following an open tender in April this year, Verkís Consulting Engineers, signed an agreement with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens vegvesen Region vest) for the project "Fv 505 Skjæveland - Foss Eikeland". 


23/8/2016 : Due-diligence and technical assistance in the framework of PLUTO (EBRD), Turkey


As of this spring, Verkís has been engaged together with ISOR, Iceland Geosurvey, and local support to conduct due-diligence and provide technical assistance for one of the geothermal projects under consideration by the EBRD within the Early Stage Geothermal Support Framework (PLUTO).


17/8/2016 : Overhaul of the Bjarnarflag geothermal power station


The first well in the geothermal field in Bjarnarflag was drilled in 1963 and was originally utilised for manufacturing of lightweight concrete blocks. In 1966 the diatomite plant “Kísiliðjan” started utilizing the geothermal steam for drying. The Bjarnarflag geothermal power station has brought online in 1969, the first geothermal power plant in Iceland.