23/9/2016 : Þeistareykir goethermal power plant

The cornerstone of the Geothermal Power Plant at Þeistareykir was placed on September 23rd.  more...

21/9/2016 : “Lava” district heating in the Westman Islands the first Enhanced Geothermal system in the world?


Iceland is well-known for its exemplary utilization of geothermal resources, having today over 90% of households heated up via utilization of geothermal resources. 


14/9/2016 : Heat pump to be connected to the Westman Islands' district heating


District heating system was started up in the Westman Islands (Vestmanneyjar) in 1977. Initially, heat was extracted from the lava fields of the 1973 Heimaey eruption. Steam collection pipes were buried into the lava and steam lead to heat pumps heating the return water from the double piped district heating distribution system.


8/9/2016 : Water supply pipeline crossing of Miklubraut street

Miklabraut framkvæmdir

Veitur Utilities PLC continued the installation of a new DN 600 ductile iron water supply pipeline this summer along the west side of the Kringlumýrarbraut street.