31/1/2018 : Verkís will attend E-world Energy and Water 2018

E-world 2018

Verkís will be attending E-world Energy and Water. The conference will take place in Essen in Germany February 6th to 8th. 


29/1/2018 : Facade Lighting for historic building in Reykjavik

Laugarvegur 13 lýsing

Verkís coordinated  the façade renovation works for the building located in Laugavegur 13, at the hearth of Reykjavík. The building managers also commissioned  Verkís lighting team to illuminate the building.


16/1/2018 : Verkis collaborates in the future development of Hlidarfjall


A company with future plans for construction in Hlíðarfjall was founded in Akureyri in October, 2017. The company was named Hlíðarhryggur ehf. and is made up of the following companies: Verkís, Sannir landvættir, Íslensk verðbréf, Yrki Architects, Village of Akureyri and the investment trust Verðandi.