9/8/2023 : Verkís manages the preparation of a geothermal project in Ukraine

Verkís is managing a geothermal development project in Ukraine with support from the Icelandic Sustainable Development Goals Partnership Fund.


3/8/2023 : Verkís works on the Keflavík Airport apron expansion


There will be considerable advancements in the development of Keflavík International Airport in the coming years and decades, as a new extension plan was approved in 2021. 


30/6/2023 : Verkís Grønland steps onto the stage

At the end of the last year, changes were made in the operation of Verkís in Greenland. The company, which is located in Nuuk, is now 100% owned by Verkís, but had until then been in 50% ownership of Verkís. 


16/6/2023 : Verkís participated in conferences in Germany and Poland

Egill Viðarsson, managing director of Verkís, and Þorleikur Jóhannesson, mechanical engineer at Verkís Energy and Industry Division, participated in two conferences in Europe this week.


2/6/2023 : Jóhann Örn discussed the grouting in rock in the Fljótsdalur Powerstation


Jóhann Örn Friðsteinsson, geoengineer at Verkís Transport and Environment Division, delivered the talk PU grouting in cold environment at fully operating Fljótsdalur Powerplant at the Nordic Rock Meeting conference last week. He also wrote a paper on the same topic that was published in the conference journal as well as participated in the organization of the conference. 


1/6/2023 : Verkís in cooperation on geothermal resources in India

Earlier this month, the Indian consulting company Techon signed, together with Verkís and ÍSOR (Iceland GeoSurvey), a memorandum of understanding for cooperation on geothermal production and utilization in India. 


18/4/2023 : Verkís headquarters closed due to our annual festival

Ofanleiti 2 drónamynd

Verkís headquarters in Ofanleiti 2 in Reykjavík will be closed on Wednesday, April 19th and Friday, April 21th, due to the company's annual festival.


18/4/2023 : The founding meeting of WHISPER took place at Verkís headquarters

At the beginning of February, the founding meeting of the energy transition project WHISPER took place, where all the members of the project came together for the first time in a three-day work meeting at the Verkís headquarters in Ofanleiti, Reykjavík to plan the work of the up-coming semesters, and the project is now considered officially started. 


12/4/2023 : Injection of CO2 started at the Nesjavellir power plant

Nesjavellir Carbfix


The injection of carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S) at the Nesjavellir power plant has started as the new Carbfix´s pilot plant for carbon capture and disposal at ON Power´s geothermal power plant at Nesjavellir was put into operation.


12/4/2023 : Verkís participated in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' trip to India

Verkís participated in a trip to India last 1.-5. March. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized the trip together with the Icelandic Embassy in Delhi. Haukur Þór Haraldsson, Business development manager, participated in the trip on behalf of Verkís and Daði Þorbjörnsson on behalf of ÍSOR. 


21/2/2023 : Kári Steinar went with a rescue team to Turkey

Kári Steinar Tyrkland

Kári Steinar Karlsson, civil engineer at Verkís, is one of the eleven Icelanders that went to the disaster area in Turkey last night, but ten thousand people have been found dead in the ruins after the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. 


21/2/2023 : Carine and Óskar write about the direct use of geothermal energy

Salt factory

Article by Carine Chatenay, business manager at the Energy and Industry Division and Óskar Pétur Einarsson, mechanical engineer at the Energy and Industry Division, Direct use of geothermal – there is more to geothermal than just power, was published in the magazine Open Access Government last October.


10/1/2023 : Verkís coordinates a 9M EUR EU funded innovation project in energy transition

An energy transition project, WHISPER, has been granted 9,2 million EUR in funding from Horizon Europe for a 4-year innovation project. The goal of the project is to develop a solution that can significantly reduce emissions from the long-distance maritime industry, which is responsible for around 2.5% of the world‘s total CO2 emissions. WHISPER aims to demonstrate around 30% fuel savings on a retrofit bulk carrier and more than 15% on a retrofit containership


5/1/2023 : Work has started on the expansion of Svartsengi Power Plant


HS Orka has started work on the expansion of the power plant in Svartsengi. Verkís takes care of all the design for the expansion, i.a. design of the building structures and house systems of the power station and control building, design of the power plant's mechanical, electrical and control equipment, as well as advice on the purchase of other associated systems and equipment.