Aluminium smelter in Karmøy, Norway

  • Karmøy
The Norwegian aluminium producer Hydro has for some time prepared for a construction of a new potline at its aluminium smelter in Karmøy. 

The project is based on Hydro‘s newest reduction technology focusing on minimizing environmental impact of aluminium production and optimizing energy efficiency. Once completed in the second half of 2017, the Karmøy Technology Pilot will be the world‘s most climate and energy efficient aluminium production line. HRV Engineering has over the last two years worked on the project and has been responsible for design and project preparations for a new anode service plant providing anodes for the new potline. HRV has also been responsible for modification of the smelter bath plant. HRV contract is based on EPCM services and covers design of the process layout, design of builings, design of electrical distribution, preparations for contracting of buildings and all equipment, contract management, construction management, HSE management and testing and commissioning of the new anodes service plant and modified bath plant. Estimated handover of these facilities to operations is planned in the second half of 2017.

HRV holds the contract with Hydro but similar to other HRV projects the project is primarily staffed by employees of Mannvit and Verkís who own HRV. Further information about the project can be found on Hydro web page, here.