Kleppsbakki Extension in Reykjavík

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The project Kleppsbakki Extension in Reykjavík is now under construction.

The project consists of 70 m extension of the existing Kleppsbakki quay, and a 400 m new quay to the south-east from Kleppsbakki. The steel sheet piles for the extensions have been driven down, along with about 60 m of piles for the new quay. The scheduled completion of the project is the 1st of July 2019. Verkís is the projects sole designer. The photo shows the anchored sheet piles at the connection corner of the extension of existing Kleppsbakki and the new quay.

Verkís hf. has years of experience in quay design.  This is the first quay in Sundahöfn harbour in Reykjavík with combined profiles due to increased depth requirements.  It consists of HZ king piles for structural support, and AZ sheet piles as intermediate infill elements.