Lighting Design Awards 2017

  • Lýsingarverðlaun

Verkís Consulting Engineers attended the Lighting Design Awards 2017 in London last week, where our Lighting Design Leader, Darío Núñez received the 40 Under 40 Award.

This award is organized by Lighting Magazine in cooperation with Osram to the 40 most talented Lighting designers under 40 years old.

Our lighting design team is formed by talented and motivated lighting designers who are currently working on many different and exiting projects.

Some of our projects are:

Lysing_frett_sjobodSjóböðin Húsavík
Outdoor and indoor lighting design for a geothermal bath located in Húsavík Iceland. The architects leading this project are Basalt Architects.  This project focuses on creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere without disturbing the natural night-scape and quality of darkness. Hence this project is approached as darkness design.

Perlan (The Pearl) is one of Reykjavik´s most visited landmarks. In 1988, Six high-ground water tanks were rehabilitated into a public building. Reykjavik municipality has now decided to lease this building for permanent exhibitions. The new tenancy will make important changes on the building and its illumination. Verkís lighting design team is working on different lighting upgrades including a new media façade dome.

Arnarhóll is one of the most iconic public areas in Iceland. This site is used as a national gathering site for celebration and cultural events. Verkís lighting design team is now working on a new urban and landscape lighting design scheme that will enhance the character of this area.