New Facade Lighting scheme for Stjórnarráðið

  • Stjórnarráðið lýsing

Verkís Lighting Design team developed a new facade lighting scheme for The Icelandic Government Building (Stjórnarráðið).

The lighting strategy's main objective was to reveal the building with dignity and respectfully to the architectural character. Never the less, the new lighting scheme includes color dynamic features, which add the possibility to reflect basic but meaningful patterns.

Our designers proposed inground luminaires located in coordination with the window's array. This installation can then project stripes of lights with different colors. These stripes allow the building to reflect various festive, or commemorating moods. Thirty-two DMX-RGBW luminaires lit up the building, while six DALI-RGBW adjustable uplighters cover the statues in front of it.

Our lighting control experts programmed this hi-tech system, in a way that the building managers can easily access and control it from a tablet.

We feel proud of the project outcome, and very glad of having the opportunity to illuminate our country's architectural heritage.