Overhaul of the Bjarnarflag geothermal power station

  • Jarðvarmi

The first well in the geothermal field in Bjarnarflag was drilled in 1963 and was originally utilised for manufacturing of lightweight concrete blocks. In 1966 the diatomite plant “Kísiliðjan” started utilizing the geothermal steam for drying. The Bjarnarflag geothermal power station has brought online in 1969, the first geothermal power plant in Iceland.

The back-pressure turbine that was bought from the UK was of the type British-Thomson Houston (BTH) and had previously been operated in a sugar factory in the UK since 1934.

The installed capacity of the power station is 3 MW but has declined significantly in the past few years due to wear on the turbine.

Landsvirkjun, the plant owner, has recently advertised for a new unit and plans to bring the new equipment online during winter 2017-18. Verkís was appointed in 2015 to provide advice on potential replacement of the old hardware. Following a feasibility study, Verkís was appointed to prepare the tender documents and assist during the implementation of the project.

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