Owner's Engineer for the Tanesco hydro power plants emergency repair program

  • Kárahnjúkar

Tanesco has undertaken an emergency repair program for five hydro-electric power plants in Tanzania: New Pangani Falls (2x34 MW), Kidatu (4x50 MW), Mtera (2x40 MW), Kihansi (3x60 MW) and Nyumba Ya Mungu (2x4 MW) and receives support from the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE). 

Capacity building of Tanesco employees is also an important aspect of this program, such as introducing maintenance methods and fault finding technique.

Verkís and Landsvirkjun Power are currently acting as the Owner's Engineer. Verkís is in charge of the aspects of the project related to the electrical equipment. Work in this field has progressed well and is now completed for 1 power plant and partially for 3 power plants. All work is scheduled to be finalized early 2016, more.