Refurbishment of the Fossár hydro Power Plant

  • Jarðvarmi

Verkís Consulting Engineers has been working on the refurbishment of Fossárvirkjun, power plant, in Westfjords Iceland.   

The refurbishment includes a new power station building, new turbine/generator setl and electrical equipment and refurbishment of a new headrace pipe. The renewal plan also include enhancement of the reservoir inlet but it has not yet been implemented due to the recent cold summers and snow collections. The plan is to finish that part of the refurbishment late next summer.

The station utilizes water from Fossár Lake,  which is about 350 m above sea level. The power plant was built in 1937 with 600 kW Pelton machine. The new turbine is 1200 kW  on a horizontal axis with two nozzles and the new headrace pipe is made of GRP plastic.

Mechanical and electrical equipment was tested in early October and the plant went online in the beginning of November. The power plant is built to serve Súðavík and part of Isafjordur in island operator (emergency operation) as well as normal operations.