The world's first fully autonomous cargo hold

  • Engey-vid-bryggju-a-Akranesi

This past year our automation engineers have taken part in a revolutionary project alongside Skaginn3X out of Akranes. 

The project encompasses the design, programming and commissioning of control equipment on the processing deck and cargo hold, of the fresh-fish trawler Engey. The trawler was constructed overseas and recently arrived in Iceland. The cargo hold will house the world's first fully autonomous cargo hold system and will require no human involvement. The fish containers are stacked five to a column in nine rows. The fish is sorted by species into the containers using image analysis.

In addition to programming the cargo hold system and part of the processing deck the Verkís staff oversees electrical drawings of the control systems for Skaginn3X out of Akranes and Skaginn3X out of Ísafjörður which is responsible for the processing deck equipment. Verkís also oversees the programming of the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition application (SCADA) for all these systems. The SCADA application connects to a database containing detailed data on catch composition and system conditions.

Engey is scheduled for departure in April and Skaginn3X has orders for comparable systems for two other ships this year.

The project manager of the Skaginn projects is Þórólfur Kristjánsson.