Verkís designs new geothermal sea baths in Húsavík

  • Sjóböðin á Húsavík © Basalt arkitektar

The design and construction phase of the new geothermal baths in Húsavík started last September. 

Verkís handles all engineering design for the project. If all goes well, the first guests will be enjoying these new baths sometime early spring 2018.

The baths will overlook the Skjálfandi Fjord and will be comprised of 600 m2 service building and a 500 m2 pool area. The buildings will be largely buried with the aim of integrating them into the landscape. Eventually, a new hotel will be constructed near the baths, with a combined use of parking facilities.

The baths will use geothermal water from three nearby boreholes, some of which produce geothermal seawater. Borehole water will be mixed and thermostatically controlled keeping the temperature at about 38°-39°C.  The water is then discharged at two or three places into each pool, overflowing the pool edges and directed naturally to the sea. No specific treatment is planned to purify the water. Instead, the water will be constantly renewed with a total amounting to about 35 l/s insuring clean inflow of geothermal water as needed to fulfill health and hygiene standards.

It is expected that the design will be completed in March/April 2017 followed by approximately one year of construction time. When completed, the baths are anticipated to attract up to 100,000 visitors each year.