Verkís designs new test separator for Landsvirkjun

  • Profunarskilja

Landsvirkjun has recently employed a new atmospheric separator to measure the performance of geothermal wells. Verkís was responsible for the design of the device.

This enhanced design was made possible thanks to the experience gained from designing a similar device for HS- Orka who have used such an atmospheric separator with great experience.

The device consists of a steam separator in which the geothermal fluid reaches atmospheric pressure. The separator inlet has an interchangeable Russel-James nozzle, in various sizes, which can be used to determine the total flow based on the enthalpy of the flow. In order to determine the enthalpy, the liquid flow or the steam flow must be measured accurately. Thanks to the new test separator Landsvirkjun is now able to measure both the steam flow rate through the steam exhaust chimney and the water flow via the V-notched overflow Weir box.

Such a test device allows for increased measurement accuracy and a comparison of test results that cannot be obtained by using a conventional  test separator in addition to the advantage of decreased noise pollution during well testing.

An inlet flow distributor disperses the geothermal fluid which enables the steam to enter the internal mist eliminator uniformly. The mist eliminator is designed to remove the water droplets from the steam such that pure steam flows out the exhaust chimney.

The test separator design criteria is 25 kg/s of steam and 75 kg/s of water flow and the first test results are promising.