Verkís Leader of Sustainability at WGC 2020+1 panel on geothermal direct use

Marta Rós Karlsdóttir will participate on the WGC 2020+1 panel discussion on geothermal direct use and its role in the energy transition.

Marta_karlsdottir_verkis_3_svhv_h3Marta is the Leader of Sustainability at Verkís Consulting Engineers. She is responsible for implementing strategies of sustainable development into engineering design and consultancy at Verkís, including energy production and with a strong focus on energy efficiency. She holds a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Iceland within the field of geothermal utilization, energy policy and life cycle assessment. She has been actively involved in the Icelandic geothermal sector and academia with experience in resource management, stakeholder relations, regulations and policy, climate strategy, LCA and thermodynamic modelling of geothermal heat and power production.

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