Verkis participates in Argeo-C6 short course on project management for geothermal development

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Verkis geothermal experts participated in a short course on project management for geothermal development in the framework of the 6th African Rift Geothermal Conference (ARGEO  - C6) in Ethiopia 31st October – 4th November. The course was held at the United Nations Convention Center in Addis.

Many East African countries are looking towards their indigenous geothermal resources as a potential source of electricity and heat.  In particular, this interest has been substantial within the ARGeo countries.  Kenya has expanded its geothermal capacity rapidly in the last years, while other ARGeo countries are mostly at the exploration or drilling stage.  Numerous capacity building opportunities have been offered to meet the need for human resources to drive this progress, but these have to a large extent been focused on the scientific and engineering aspects of geothermal development.  However, in order to make the most of opportunities and maximize the prospects of success, an effective management of geothermal development projects is imperative, from the very first exploration stages to the operation and maintenance of a power plant.  Although general education on project management can be sought in various settings, specific aspects of project management as applied in the context of geothermal development are less commonly covered. 

In recognition of this, the United Nations University Geothermal Training Programme (UNU-GTP), in cooperation with the Icelandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA-ICEIDA) proposed a pre-conference Short Course on Project Management for Geothermal Development.

Short Course facilitation was led by Mr. Ingimar G. Haraldsson (UNU-GTP: Organization and Program Management). Instructors were Mr. Yngvi Gudmundsson (Verkís: Feasibility Studies / Project Management), Mrs. Carine Chatenay (Verkís: Marketing / Risk / Project Management), Mr. Peketsa Mangi (KenGen: Consultancy / Research / Project Management) and Mr. Anthony Ng'ang'a Ngigi (GDC: Drilling / Project Management).