• Perlan

Last year a major renovation was launched on one of Reykjavik's most famous landmarks and most visited tourist destinations, Perlan. The origin of the “Pearl” began years ago as large water supply tanks located on a hill overlooking Reykjavik and the surrounding areas. However, in 1991 the dome was constructed and the structure transformed into a restaurant and cafe. 

The Pearl is approximately 3000 m² and is divided into six floors - including five floors above ground and a basement. Recently, the building has gained a new role and has been renovated into a museum. The newly opened museum in the Pearl will host four exhibitions; Glaciers and Ice Caves, Planetarium, the Land, the Coast and the Ocean, and Northern Lights.

Verkís's involvement with the Pearl's new renovations has been multifaceted, including structural design, pipes and air conditioning systems, electrical systems, main lighting and lighting systems atop the building's glass dome, as well as fire and sound design. In addition, Verkis managed all modifications and commissioning of the building systems, as well as overseeing on-site construction management and assessment of existing buildings.

Some renovations that Verkis was responsible for:

  • Transforming one of the water tanks into an artificial ice cave and exhibition of glacial history in Iceland. The cave is on the first floor and the exhibition is located on the second floor.
  • Designing a new floor in the center of the building for the dual purpose of serving as an exhibition area as well as an exit across a bridge from one of the water tanks to the new floor. This new floor is located on the second floor of the building.
  • Changes in furnishings in the restaurant on the fourth and fifth floors.
  • Designing the planetarium that can host up to 120 people.