Verkís will attend Dialogues for the Future of Energy 2017

  • Demex

Þorleikur Jóhannesson, Verkís geothermal expert, will be attending Dialogues for the Future of Energy 2017 (DEMEX). The conference will take place in Mexico September 11th to 13th. With over 25 years of experience in the field of geothermal utilization and managing geothermal projects, Þorleikur will participate in the workshop focused on Geothermal Direct Application.

Renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy innovation, are the guiding axes of the conference. These are the transversal themes via the dialogues will be promoted in an international, intersectoral, and interdisciplinary context. These dialogs will promote the discussion between the most influential people and groups of the sector at a national and international level to reflect about how our energy future should be.

Although electricity production is nowadays under the lights because of the highly praised value of electricity, direct use of geothermal resources should not be neglected.  Direct heat use is actually one of the oldest and most common form of geothermal utilization.

It is estimated that by 2015 the direct uses installed capacity was around a 70,000 MWth worldwide. Mexico was in the 31st  place, using direct applications of geothermal with 151MWth, mainly in thermal baths, while countries like China and Turkey, lead the list, followed by Iceland, Japan and India. In this context, it is considered that DEMEX is the ideal space to promote the direct use of geothermal resources in Mexico.

It is considered that a large share of industrial processes require heat below 120°C and direct use of geothermal resources should always be in the picture when considering potential applications for a given field. Iceland Cluster and CeMIEGeo's experts are seeking to promote the study of success cases as well as the feasibility of using these resources in Mexico.

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