Water supply pipeline crossing of Miklubraut street

  • Miklabraut framkvæmdir

Veitur Utilities PLC continued the installation of a new DN 600 ductile iron water supply pipeline this summer along the west side of the Kringlumýrarbraut street. 

This phase included installation of a pipeline starting north of Miklubraut street to a valve house by Stigahlíð, crossing Miklubraut by the nation's busiest intersection. The valve house was designed by Verkís, along with structural design, pipeline inside and outside the house and electricity. Verkís was also responsible for traffic simulation and traffic control. To add to the complication factor, the Miklubraut corridor is heavily used for major transmission and distribution routes, including two underground 11 kV high voltage transmission lines and one 132 kV underground transmission line.

Construction time traffic control was a significant component of the project implementation with many heavily used traffic routes. Therefore, it was important to complete the project during summertime prior to the start of school activities. Instead of re-routing the traffic during installation, both traffic directions were passed through on one side of the street while the pipeline was installed on other side. The traffic median was removed west of the crossing to accommodate the traffic redirection. 190 traffic signs were used during the project of which 49 were specifically designed for the project. All in all, project was a great success with less traffic delays than expected. In particular, the traffic control component of the project was successfully implemented and had a huge part in the overall success of the project. Next phase will continue next summer of 2017 from the valve house by Stigahlíð this time crossing Kringlumýrarbraut street with a DN 800 pipe by Kringlan mall.