HR policy

Human Resources Policy


Verkís employs ambitious staff who perform their projects with integrity and professionalism.
We focus on building a strong team that has extensive knowledge and experience and can handle challenging tasks. Constructive and honest communication is a priority, as well as the good health, safety and well-being of our employees. We provide employees with a good and desirable workplace where each and every person is making the most of their skills and knowledge.

We are guided by the Verkís values in all our work. Integrity – Ambition– Initiative. 

A strong team of employees who deliver outstanding work
We strive to have qualified and professional employees who always seek the best solutions for our customers. We show initiative and ambition in all our operations and work together to achieve the goals of Verkís. We are committed to having diversity in our employee group, which makes us a stronger and better company. 

Equal opportunities for all employees
We strongly emphasise that each and every employee is valued and that everyone receives equal opportunities in all our operations. We provide flexibility in work to enable employees to co-ordinate their family and work life in the best possible way. All employees receive equal pay and the same benefits for comparable jobs. 

A strong team spirit based on honest and constructive communication
We create a positive corporate culture with honest and constructive communication. We encourage employees to have an open and positive exchange of views and to show mutual respect. At Verkís, there is a good and pleasant morale, where employees come into their own.

There are good opportunities for career development through constant education and training
We invest continuously in the education and training of our employees, thus increasing our knowledge and skills within the company. We offer beneficial and diverse opportunities for career development and encourage employees to take advantage of them. With continuous education and development, employees are better prepared to handle new and ambitious projects. 

A safe working environment that focuses on the health and well-being of employees
We care about the health and well-being of our employees and focus on providing a safe working environment and the best working conditions available. We encourage and support employees towards healthy living. Any kind of improper behaviour such as bullying, sexual or gender-based harassment or abuse is not tolerated by the company.

A good leadership team that provides useful feedback and leads by example 
We have a powerful leadership team that leads by example and creates a positive and stimulating working environment. We emphasise constructive feedback by management concerning the performance of employees and also that managers encourage career progression. We are active in information dissemination and provide clear and accessible working procedures.

Transparency in handling personal information
We educate employees about the importance of protecting all of our personal information and place emphasis on protecting information that we have been provided. We educate employees on how the company collects personal information and about its processing and how to respond to security failures. 

We comply with applicable laws and regulations on occupational health and safety and equality in employment in accordance with the requirements of the Icelandic standard ÍST85. We are also aware that continuous improvements must take place.

In preparing the Verkís human resource policy, the following laws and regulations were taken into account:

  • International conventions and standards
  • Act on Working Environment, Health and Safety in Workplaces
  • Act on Equal Status and Equal Rights of Women and Men
  • Act on the Protection of Privacy as regards the Processing of Personal Data
  • Regulations on bullying, sexual harassment, gender-based harassment and abuse in the workplace