Social policy

CSR policy


We show care and responsibility in our work and have a positive impact on society, with the Verkís values as our guiding principle: Integrity – Ambition – Initiative.

Sustainable development and natural resource use
We show consideration for the environment in all our activities and contribute to the sustainable development of society. We support nature conservation and the rational use of natural resources and use our knowledge to respect the environment.
We are a driving force in ecological design. When finding solutions to projects, efforts are made to minimise the environmental impact during construction and operation, and if possible, environmentally friendly options are identified.
We use resources economically and take environmental considerations into account when purchasing materials.
We focus on reusing, recycling and disposing of waste in a responsible way.
We are aware that our operations leave behind an ecological footprint, and we endeavour to act with sustainability as our objective.

Environmental viability and a healthy way to travel
Verkís is working to promote employees' awareness of environmentally friendly and sustainable transport, thus contributing to environmental viability, healthier lifestyles and less pollution.
Employees are encouraged to adopt environmentally friendly means of transportation, and when purchasing vehicles for Verkís, the most environmentally friendly option is chosen.
When finding solutions to projects, consideration is given to pedestrians, cyclists, road users and the use of public transport during the construction and operating period of a building, as well as the reduction of energy consumption. We provide customers with ways to promote better utilisation of traffic infrastructure, vehicles and ways to reduce travel.

Arrive home safely
We attach great importance to the safety of our employees and partners – everyone should arrive home safely.
We are a leader in health and safety in the workplace, both on-site and in the workplace, thus contributing to increased safety in the community.
When planning buildings, designs and preparing for construction, our designers aim for our structures to be built and used in the safest possible way.
Employees are provided with all essential safety equipment and are strongly encouraged to comply with safety regulations at Verkís workplaces and on-site. If the equipment related to health and safety on-site is insufficient, the Verkís employee is obligated to stop work and indicate improvements.

Protection of personal data
Personal information collected by Verkís may concern customers, partners, employees and others in contact with Verkís. We are concerned with privacy and regard the protection of personal information as a fundamental right. We respect the rights of individuals, and information provided to Verkís will never be used to make a personal profile. We protect the information that we have been given. 

Respect for human rights and a commitment to high moral standards
We support and respect the protection of international human rights in accordance with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, generally recognised standards and the Verkís code of ethics, and we are committed to being at the forefront.
We adhere to general labour legislation on the working environment and occupational health, and we respect freedom of association and the right to fair wages. We reject completely any kind of inequality and human rights violations, such as forced labour, slavery and child labour and will not be party to such violations.
We operate in accordance with the high-quality employment practices and accepted community criteria. Employees are informed of their duties and emphasis placed on the existence of safe channels so that information about inappropriate behaviour can be provided.

We are committed to always meeting the appropriate requirements concerning the environment and safety issues and to maintaining a certified management system in accordance with ISO 14001, OHSAS18001 and our commitment to UN standards on our responsibility to the community (UN Global Compact).
We constantly work to improve our operations, focusing on responsible practices and sustainability.