Educational Facilities

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Stapaskóli - Elementary school

Verkís handles the complete design of all engineering factors.

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Skóli á Grænlandi verkefnamynd

School in Nuuk

Verkís is responsible for almost all engineering design. The building is designed in BIM building information system.

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Álfaborg leikskóli

Álfaborg - Kindergarten

Verkís was responsible for engineering design and consultancy of engineering factors. 

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Vigdísar hús


Verkís services was structural and foundation design, piping systems, heating, snow melting, domestic and waste water, ventilation and sprinkler design, electrical systems design and fire safety design.

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The university of Iceland

Verkís services was geotechnical foundation, construction, plumbing and ventilations systems design and acoustics.

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The College of Mosfellsbær

Verkís services was engineering design, design of structure, managing BREEAM certification and design, design of piping and ventilation systems.

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Reykjavík University

Verkís planned, managed, engineered and handled material approvals for all electrical and acoustics design.

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Archive for Historical documents

Verkís services was project management for all engineering disciplines, structural engineering, plumbing and ventilation systems and design according to international standards, BIM, BREEAM and BIPS.

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