Educational Facilities

The university of Iceland

Sæmundargata 2 - 101 Reykjavík

  • Haskoli-Islands

Verkís services was geotechnical foundation, construction, plumbing and ventilations systems design and acoustics.

 Sizes: 9.800m2
 Project time:  2006 - 2008

Project overview:
In the year 2005 a competition was held for the design of University Center. The winner was the team of IPC-Icelandic Prime Contractors and the architects Hornsteinar and Teiknistofa Ingimundar Sveinssonar. In the review from the jury, they said that the design has a mature overall thinking, with a few and simple basic forms.  The idea that each building has it´s own independant design integrated to the surrounding area, is bold and has a successful implementation. The University Center consists of two buildings with the total of 9.800m2, with a connecting annex.
Gimli (University Center 1) has 3 stories and is located between University´s main building and the gymnasium. Tröð (University Center 2) has also 3 stories and is located between Oddi, Lögberg and Nýji Garður.

The project started on 6th April 2006, use of buildings started on 1st December 2007.  The project was completed in the summer 2008.