Health Institutions

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Nýi Sólvangur hjúkrunarheimili

New Sólvangur - Nursing Home

Verkís was responsible for construction supervision, site supervision of concrete constructions and landscaping. 

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Landspítali - Patient Hotel

Verkís handled fire engineering design and sound design, as well as construction supervision and construction management. 

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Sjáland nursing home

Verkís services was supervision of construction, exterior, interior and site, supervision of cost and billing, answering inquiries from contractor, communication with designers, supervision of security and managing meetings.

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The national university hospital

Verkís services is analysis for systems and equipment, engineering of plumbing and ventilation systems, LV distribution, lighting systems, procurement consultancy for electrical devices, fire protection engineering, acoustical engineering, testing and commissioning of systems and devices, making of service manuals and technical handbooks, reliability and quality studies for LV-distribution systems.

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