Maintenance of Structure

Hjarðarhagi 44-50

Hjarðarhagi - 107 Reykjavík - Iceland

  • Hjardarhagi

Verkís services was inspection of the building's condition and report, quantity assessment, cost estimation, task description, tender documents, choice of contractors for the bidding process, the tender procedure and contracting and construction supervision.

 Sizes: 860 m2 base area and 4.500 m2 total floor area
 Project time:  2012

Project overview:
Hjarðarhagi 44-50 is a four and five story building, made from reinforced concrete. It was built in 1965-1967 and has a total of 34 apartments in four staircases. The building is painted on the outside and has a raised, wooden roof, built at an angle and clad with corrugated sheet iron. The building was in need of considerable repair and the home owners association requested consultation from Verkís regarding maintenance on the outer surfaces.

An inspection of the building's condition was performed in December 2011 and revealed that its outer surfaces were in need of considerable repair. The main tasks were: crack repairs, mortar repairs to edges and surfaces, repairs to balcony edges, repairs to rusty iron reinforcements, rust removal from balcony guardrails, window repair and painting of walls, windows and guardrails.

Seven contractors received tender documents and four of them turned in bids. The contract was awarded to the lowest bidder and the maintenance took place in the summer of 2012. Additions to the project were made during construction such as the painting of the roof, renewal of some windows, heating elements in rain gutters and concrete work on the stairs by the entrances.