Sports Facility

Sisimiut - Swimming pool inside a Rock


  • Sisimiut sundlaug

Verkís is responsible for all consultation, i.e. all preliminary design with related feasibility studies and rock technology analyzes. Verkís also works on the preparation of tender documents for actual construction. Verkís is the project's main consultant. 

Sizes: 3.100 m2
Project time: 2017 - 

About the project: 
The municipality of Qeqqata in Greenland plans to build indoor swimming pools that will be blasted into a rock in the town of Sisimiut on the west coast of Greenland.

Verkís has taken care of the overall consulting of the project, i.e. all preliminary design with related feasibility studies and rock technology analyzes together with preparing tender documents for actual construction. 

The cave will be about 22 meters wide, 15 meters high and 75 meters long. It will accommodate a 25 x 12,5 m swimming pool with three-meter high springs and a water slide. There will also be a 7 x 9 m hot water pool for training and rehabilitation and two hot tubs along with dressing and bathing facilities for 100 guests. The facility is on three floors and is about 3,100 m2 in size. The design of the swimming center has emphasized good accessibility for people with disabilities. 

There is only one 25 meter long swimming pool in Greenland and is in the capital Nuuk. Because of the lack of swimming and teaching facilities, children in Greenland have been sent to Iceland to learn swimming. The new swimming pool is intended to play a large part in children's swimming education to learn swimming in the municipality and in the town of Sisimiut, which is the second largest town in Greenland with about 4,500 inhabitants. The municipality has been planning the pool for many years.