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Verkís services is review of tenders and contracting, design review, mechanical and electrical shop inspections, project management, site supervision and monitoring of refurbishing work, commissioning and guarantee inspection.

 Sizes: Kidatu, 4x50 MW
            Kihansi, 3x60 MW
            Mtera, 2x40 MW
            New Pangani, 2x34 MW
            Nyumba Ya Mungu, 2x4 MW
 Project time:  2013 -

Project overview:
Tanesco has developed an emergency repair programme for five hydro power plants in Tanzania and Verkís together with Landsvirkjun Power has been contracted as the owner's engineer for this project. The project has been supported by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).

Kidatu, 4x50 MW

  • Refurbishment of cooling and draining system
  • Replacement of governor system
  • Upgrade of the control system
  • Replacement of 11 kV switchgear

Kihansi, 3x60 MW

  • Replacement of chiller plant
  • Refurbishment of two governors

Mtera, 2x40 MW

  • Full inspection of units
  • Retrofit of 11 kV circuit breakers
  • Revitalization of diesel control automation

New Pangani, 2x34 MW

  • Reparation of Main Inlet Valve
  • Replacement of excitation system

Nyumba Ya Mungu, 2x4 MW

  • Inspection of Main Inlet Valve
  • Renew dewatering and drainage system
  • Replacement of batteries
  • Renew 11 kV generator circuit breaker