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Búðarháls hydropower plant

Verkís services was review of project planning design and design criteria, review of civil work design, tender design of mechanical and electrical equipment, tender documents, evaluation of bids and contracting, design review for electromechanical equipment and detail design for mechanical and electrical systems in buildings.


Bardu hydropower plants

Verkís services was evaluation of site and surveying (cartography), environmental documentation (n. Landskabs og miljøplan), technical documentation (n. Teknisk detjaljplan), tender documents for pressure pipe and civil works design (excavation, concrete, hydraulic etc.).


SisimIut hydropower project

Verkís scope of services encompassed feasibility study and site evaluation; EPC bid preparation; Tender design for subcontractors; final design of all civil work; Detail design and/design review of all electrical and mechanical equipment; Site acceptance and commissioning.


Sultartangi hydropower plant

Verkís services was feasibility study, project planning, economic study, tender documents, civil work design, mechanical systems design, electrical systems design, environmental impact assessment, supervision, commissioning and startup.


Blanda hydropower plant

Verkís services was feasibility study, project planning, economic study, tender documents, civil work design, mechanical systems design, environmental impact assessment and electrical systems design.


Kárahnjúkar hydropower plant

Verkís has been involved in the planning of the Kárahnjúkar hydroelectric scheme since 1978. A feasibility report was issued in 1999 and a project planning report in 2000. Verkís provided complete engineering services including project planning, feasibility studies, tender documents, economic study, technical study, civil work design, mechanical design, electrical systems design, design review, environmental impact assessment and supervision.


Ilulissat hydropower plant

Verkís services was project planning, evaluation of site, civil work design (excavation, concrete, hydraulic etc.), mechanical design (metal, piping, ventilation etc.), high- and medium voltage systems design, control-, safety and communication systems design, tender documents and coordination for el-mech systems, commissioning and coordination and lead engineering of the design.


Dariali hydropower plant

Verkís services was feasibility study, project design, tender documents, detail design of civil works and design review.


Krafla 60 mw geothermal power plant

The Krafla power station is a geothermal power plant with high and low pressure steam from 18 boreholes driving 2x30 MW turbines. During the completion of Krafla in 1997-2002, Verkís provided consulting services for all electrical- control- and protection equipment, as well as for civil work for the steam supply system. Verkís also conducted all testing and start-up commissioning for the electrical, control and protection equipment.


Modular well-head geothermal power plants

Verkís has assisted Green Energy Geothermal, the solution provider, in developing modular and cost efficient well-head power plants since 2009.


Azores power plant

Verkís services was technical and operational consultancy.


El Salvador power plant

Verkís services was detail design, tender documents, procurement, commissioning: mechanical and electrical equipment, control and protection.


Hellisheiði power plant

Verkís services was participation in project management, design, tender documents and procurement: civil works, underground piping systems, electrical equipment, unit control and protection equipment. Site construction supervision, testing and commissioning.


Nesjavellir power plant

Verkís services was project management, design, preparation of tender documents and procurement: structural design, piping systems, ventilation, collecting mains, air vessel surge devices, electrical equipment, control equipment. Supervision of construction work and site testing and start-up activities.


Svartsengi power plant

Verkís services was project management and design supervision, design, tender documents and procurement:  structural design, piping systems, ventilation, mechanical equipment, electrical installation, control and monitoring equipment, fire safety design. Supervision of construction work, test and start-up activities.


The national university hospital

Verkís services is analysis for systems and equipment, engineering of plumbing and ventilation systems, LV distribution, lighting systems, procurement consultancy for electrical devices, fire protection engineering, acoustical engineering, testing and commissioning of systems and devices, making of service manuals and technical handbooks, reliability and quality studies for LV-distribution systems.

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