Environment and Safety

Headline list

Grænland fjölbýli

Analysis and disposal of hazardous waste - Maniitsoq

Verkís was responsible for environmental analysis and planning of disposal of hazardous waste. 


Avalanche protection at Fljótsdalur

Verkís services was appraisal study and technical avalanche design, geotechnical design, tender documents and consultation during construction.


Kárahnjúkar hydropower - Ufsarstífla dam / Hrauna­veita diversion

Verkís services was design of rockfill dams and flood control structures (spillways and bottom outlets), structural design and mechanical design (gates in tunnels and bottom outlets).


PCC silicon metal plant at Bakki

Verkís services was predesign, tender design, technical tender documents, cost estimate, project planning/scheduling, piping system, ventilation and electrical systems.


Fjarðaál aluminium smelter

Verkís services was participation in the project as leading partner in HRV Engineering, teaming up with Bechtel Corp. as Bechtel-HRV, feasibility study, engineering in various fields, cost estimation, execution planning, preparation of bid documentation and review of bids, site execution management, site supervision and quality control.


Straumsvík aluminium smelter

Verkís services was project management, planning, procurement, including preparing specifications and tender documents, bid review and award, contracts management, construction management, site construction supervision, surveying and testing, civil/structural engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automation engineering, project controls, feasibility study made by the integrated team.


Ísafjörður substation

Verkís services was project management, design management, design of control- and protection equipment, design review of auxiliary systems designed by contractor, factory testing and construction assistance.


Birds and windmills at Búrfell

Verkís services was preparation, reports, studies around Búrfell to assess collision risks, density and the spread of breeding birds along with other studies.


Blanda hydropower plant

Verkís services was feasibility study, project planning, economic study, tender documents, civil work design, mechanical systems design, environmental impact assessment and electrical systems design.


Sundahöfn harbour

Verkís services was masterplan study, field investigation, surveys and preparation of tender documents.


Reykjanes­braut / Hafnarfjörður

Verkís handled many aspects of the design of Reykjanesbraut highway between Hafnarfjordur and Keflavik, including design of road and paths, five grade separated junctions, bridges and underpasses, drainage design, street lighting, preparation of tender documents and procurement.