Environmental issues

Birds and windmills at Búrfell

Southern Iceland

  • Vindmyllur

Verkís services was preparation, reports, studies around Búrfell to assess collision risks, density and the spread of breeding birds along with other studies.

Project time:  2011

Project overview:
In April 2011 and June 2012 an agreement was signed with Verkís to explore the birdlife in area for potential windmills at Bjarnalón and in the sea north of Búrfell area.  The project was to make an inventory of nests and birds spread in the region and provide data that could be used in the preparation of environmental impact assessments for windmills such as the breeding density, information on endangered species and the potential impact of the project on habitats. Also exploring the birds traffic in the region in order to assess the danger of flight collision with the windmills.

The results showed that it is likely that the birds in the area will be effeted mainly due to the disturbance of habitats and a temporary disruption during construction. It can be expected that the impact will be greatest if the windmills will be located in Búðarháls where vegetation is greatest and more diversified birdlife. Effects on birds in the area caused by collisions will most likely be minor.