Aluminium Smelter

Norðurál aluminium smelter

Grundartangi - Iceland

  • Nordural

Verkís services was participation in the project as leading partner in HRV Engineering, project management, cost estimation, civil/structural engineering, mechanical engineering, construction management and site supervision, procurement management, tender documents and bid review, contractor and vendor technical control, quality control, operation and maintenance documentation review.

 Sizes: 260 tpy
 Project time:  1996 - 2007

Project overview:
Work on the Norðurál aluminum smelter began in 1996. Phase I with 60 ktpy capacity was completed in 1999. Phase II with 30 ktpy capacity was completed in 2001. Phases III and IV with a combined capacity of 130 ktpy, was completed in 2006. Phase V was completed in 2007, bringing the total capacity up to 260 ktpy. HRV Engineering is supplying Engineering, Procurment and Construction Management (EPCM) and was involved in all phases of the Norðurál Aluminum smelter project. HRV's involvement in the project evolved from being a subcontractor in phase I to becoming the only EPCM service provider in an integrated team with the owner during the later phases. Verkís is a leading partner in HRV Engineering.

Aluminum production takes place in two 600 m potrooms, each with 90 reduction pots, and two 900 m long potrooms, each with 130 reduction pots. The potrooms cover more than 50.000 m² in total. The two potlines include overhead pot tending machines, alumina conveying system, pot-gas extraction ducts, compressed air pipes, and a pot control system.

In addition to the potlines, the plant includes the following: Alumina unloading, handling and storage facilities at the harbor, including vacuum ship unloader and harbor silos. Alumina conveying system from the harbor silos to the gas treatment centers and pots. Gas treatment centers (dry) and associated ducting. Rectifier transformers with harmonic filters. Switchgear substation and main distribution system. Anode rodding and storage facilities, including butt crushing and bath processing. Casthouse to produce re-melt ingots and sows. Potline service facilities, including pot tending machine maintenance shop, and cathode de-lining and relining facilities. Compressor stations and associated piping. Warehouse and workshops. Administration and personnel facilities.

During the systems design of the plant, quality control of electricity was made and magnetic field measurements. Verkís made a model of maintenance system and updated the safety equipment used in maintenance work. Along with CE markings.