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Verkís services was project planning and cost estimates, design criteria for all electrical equipment, tender documents, bid review and assistance in negotiations and contracting, detail design of electrical-, control- and protection equipment, programming of control systems (PLC and SCADA), planning and supervision, site tests, commissioning and validation, continuous operational services.

Project time:  2002 - 

Project overview:
Actavis is one of the world's leading players in the development, manufacture, and sale of first-class generic pharmaceuticals. The successful integration of a number of acquisitions has helped position Actavis among the world's largest companies in the industry. Founded in 1956, the Group has more than 10.000 employees operating in over 40 countries around the globe, including around 400 in Malta.

The Building Management System (BMS) is run by a number of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that handle all control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and start/stop control sequences.  In addition the water systems, steam boilers and process control systems are connected to the BMS. The PLCs are connected on a network, typically Ethernet and are programmable both remotely and “on line”.

The supervision system consists of two PCs running a supervisory control and data acquisition software (SCADA).The software includes the following interfaces: Graphical control and monitoring. Historical trending, viewing and logging to database.
The BMS can be started and stopped through the SCADA software and set point values can be changed.All HVAC variables, alarms and events are displayed on screen. They are also logged to a database and can be viewed later on screen or in printed reports. Customised reports can be generated.

All systems and system variables can be monitored and adjusted remotely over the internet by accessing the system's web client. Diagnosing, troubleshooting and updating of programs in the PCs and PLCs can also be performed through the web client.
The Environmental Management System (EMS) monitors and logs temperature and humidity in the different areas.