High-voltage lines and cables

Vestmanna­eyjar cable connection

Southern Iceland

  • Vestmannaeyjastrengur

Verkís services was feasibility study, project planning, tender documents, civil work design, mechanical system design, electrical system design, environmental impact assessment.

 Sizes: 66 kV
 Project time:  2013 - 

Project overview:
Vestmannaeyjar is a cluster of islands off the south coast of Iceland. Heimaey is the largest island and the only inhabited one with a population of around 4.500. For many years Heimaey was one of Iceland's largest fishing stations, and still is a key factor in the Icelandic fishing industry. Providing a reliable supply of renewable electricity from the mainland grid to the volcanic island of Heimaey will help the community and businesses to thrive.

Landsnet, the Icelandic transmission system operator, has made an order with ABB to receive a high-voltage submarine and underground cable to link the mainland to the volcanic island of Heimaey. The cable will be 17,5 km long, thereof a 13 km submarine section. An integrated fibre-optic cable for telecommunications and temperature monitoring of the power cables will be laid as well. Verkís is responsible for the design and engineering of laying the submarine cable, of laying the underground cable and overall project management. VM 3 which is the project name of the new link from the main distribution system to Heimaey will replace an existing cable that is approaching the end of its lifespan.