Conditions and value assessment

South Iceland earthquake in 2008

Southern Iceland

  • Jardskjalfti-a-Sudurlandi-2008

Verkís services was inspection of structure, damage assessment and repair costs.

 Sizes: 6,3 on Richter scale
 Project time:  2008

Project overview:
On May 29th 2008 an earthquake hit the southern part of Iceland and caused considerable damage to structures in Selfoss, Hveragerði, Eyrarbakki and vicinity. The quake's moment magnitude, Mw, was 6,3 and the source was 8 km north-west of Selfoss. The characteristics of the quake were similar to the one hitting the same area in June 2000. There were no casualties but 28 reported injuries.

Source measurements revealed that the surface acceleration exceeded the parameters used in the design of buildings in the affected area. The measured horizontal surface acceleration in Hveragerði was 0,85g (85% of earth's acceleration of gravity) and 0,5g in Selfoss.

Immediately following the earthquake, Verkís took part in structural safety inspections for the Civil Protection in Iceland. Subsequently Verkís worked on damage assessments for Viðlagatrygging (National Emergency Insurance Organization) in the Árborg municipality and neighbouring areas east of the Ölfusá river as well as the inland areas of Árnessýsla county. Verkís oversaw the damage assessment in Hveragerði and Ölfus as well as vacation homes in the area. The assessments encompassed real estate as well as infrastructure, such as utility structures and bridges. The number of damage reports in the area was around 2.300. Verkís assessors inspected over 3.000 of the assessment units subject to assessment or around 50%. Heating, water and sewage utilities were inspected as well as the bridge over Ölfusá river, by Selfoss and Óseyrarbrú.