Tele­communications systems for energy enterprises and industry

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Flood protection - Þjórsá river

Verkís services was study of flood protection, suggestions for changes and improvements, and area management.

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Reykjanes power plant

Verkís services was project management and design supervision, detail design, tender documents and procurement: structural design, mechanical design, piping systems, ventilation, control and monitoring equipment. Supervision of construction work, testing and start-up activities.

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Búðarháls hydropower plant

Verkís services was review of project planning design and design criteria, review of civil work design, tender design of mechanical and electrical equipment, tender documents, evaluation of bids and contracting, design review for electromechanical equipment and detail design for mechanical and electrical systems in buildings.

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Blanda hydropower plant

Verkís services was feasibility study, project planning, economic study, tender documents, civil work design, mechanical systems design, environmental impact assessment and electrical systems design.

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Ilulissat hydropower plant

Verkís services was project planning, evaluation of site, civil work design (excavation, concrete, hydraulic etc.), mechanical design (metal, piping, ventilation etc.), high- and medium voltage systems design, control-, safety and communication systems design, tender documents and coordination for el-mech systems, commissioning and coordination and lead engineering of the design.

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El Salvador power plant

Verkís services was detail design, tender documents, procurement, commissioning: mechanical and electrical equipment, control and protection.

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Svartsengi power plant

Verkís services was project management and design supervision, design, tender documents and procurement:  structural design, piping systems, ventilation, mechanical equipment, electrical installation, control and monitoring equipment, fire safety design. Supervision of construction work, test and start-up activities.

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Actavis - Iceland

Verkís services was designing criteria for all electrical systems and completed detail design followed by the tender documents and contracting assistance. Design of the building management system (BMS) and the environmental monitoring system (EMS), programmed and installed all related software and control equipment, and provided site supervision and commissioning tests during the installation phases.

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