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Flood protection - Þjórsá river

Þjórsá - Tungnár area - Iceland

  • Flodavorn-Thjorsa

Verkís services was study of flood protection, suggestions for changes and improvements, and area management.

Project time:  2006 - 2009

Project overview:

The Ministry of Environment in Iceland assigned a committie to work on expansion of reserve Þjórsárver.  The committie requested in 2006 for a review from Landsvirkjun (National Power Company) on possible further construction at Kvíslaveita.  To respond to the committee inquiry Landsvirkjun entrusted Verkís to identify flood protection at Kvíslaveita area and make a plan for modifications on them and other structures.

Along with the work on the revalutation of flood at Þjórsár-Tungnaár Area, floods in the area were assessed and dams classified loosely by the consequences of rupture of each dam.  Design flood of each dam depends on the category it belongs to. Following the re-evaluation of flooding and classification it would be appropriate to review the design of all structures in the area with regard to flood risks.

Verkís also managed 12 engines in total 630 MW, water ways and electricity stations in three stations:  Búrfell station, Hrauneyjar station and Sigalda, which are connected to the Area Control system of Þjórsá/Tungnár area. The system will later cover Sultartangi, Búðarháls and Vatnsfell.