Wide area networks

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Reykjavík energy optical fiber system

Verkís services was system design, feasibility study, project management, quality control, selection of materials, cost estimates, surveys, design and storage of geographic information databases.

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Suðurnes district heating

Verkís services was feasibility studies, project planning and cost estimates, project management and design, supervision, detail design, tender documents and procurement: civil design, mechanical design and piping systems, electrical, control and monitoring equipment. Supervision of construction work, test and start-up activities.

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Fljótsdalur substation

Verkís services was project planning, design, tender documents, contracting and design supervision and risk management.

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Kolviðarhóll substation

Verkís services was project planning, design memoranda, tender documents, tender design, contracting and design supervision, design review of contractors detail design, final design of electrical installations in the building and overall layout of the substation and all electrical equipment.

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Sultartangi hydropower plant

Verkís services was feasibility study, project planning, economic study, tender documents, civil work design, mechanical systems design, electrical systems design, environmental impact assessment, supervision, commissioning and startup.

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Kárahnjúkar hydropower plant

Verkís has been involved in the planning of the Kárahnjúkar hydroelectric scheme since 1978. A feasibility report was issued in 1999 and a project planning report in 2000. Verkís provided complete engineering services including project planning, feasibility studies, tender documents, economic study, technical study, civil work design, mechanical design, electrical systems design, design review, environmental impact assessment and supervision.

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Ilulissat hydropower plant

Verkís services was project planning, evaluation of site, civil work design (excavation, concrete, hydraulic etc.), mechanical design (metal, piping, ventilation etc.), high- and medium voltage systems design, control-, safety and communication systems design, tender documents and coordination for el-mech systems, commissioning and coordination and lead engineering of the design.

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Hellisheiði power plant

Verkís services was participation in project management, design, tender documents and procurement: civil works, underground piping systems, electrical equipment, unit control and protection equipment. Site construction supervision, testing and commissioning.

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