Reykjavík airport

Vatnsmýri - Iceland

 Sizes: 1.825m, 1.492m and 960m runways
 Project time:  1999 - 2003

Project overview:
Reykjavík Airport is located in the centre of Reykjavík, capital of Iceland. The airport was built by the British military occupation during the second world war. The airport is one of four international airports in Iceland, with facilities for international flights, but most of the traffic is domestic. Because of the location of the airport is in Reykjavík city and near the University Hospital, its role has high importance for air ambulance.

The project included rehabilitation of 2 main runways and adjustment of the SW-NE runway, construction and adjustment of taxiways, construction of a storm water system and replacement of the electrical devices. Verkís was responsible for the detailed design and the environmental assessment. Project management for the preparation phase and for the work on site. Included was planning of all safety issues, course material along with teaching safety courses for the airport authorities, and dividing the work on site into phases and areas to ensure uninterrupted operation of the airport traffic during the construction period.