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Skarfabakki harbour

Sundahöfn - Reykjavík - Iceland

  • Skarfabakki

Verkís services was design, main consultancy, tender documents, soil research, geotechnical design, cost estimates, design of landfill, environment assessment and structural design.

 Sizes: 650 m
 Project time:  1996 - 2007 / 2010 - 2014

Project overview:
The project is divided into two phases. The first phase was completed in 1996 - 2007 where the quay was designed as a 450 m long by 12 m depth and prepared for ship size of 40.000 DWT.

Implementation of the second phase entailed extension of Skarfabakki along with landfilling and all landscaping part of the project. The extension lies in the same line in the southeast of the quay, parallel to the coast and is up to 200 m long. The extension makes it possible for two 300 m long cruise ships to reach the quay at the same time.