Road and Highway design

Headline list

Veghönnun breikkun Vesturlandsvegar

Vesturlandsvegur / Kjalarnes

Verkís is responsible for design. 

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Buamyr - Grimstveit

Verkís services was project management, road design and tender documents.

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Reykjanes­braut / Hafnarfjörður

Verkís handled many aspects of the design of Reykjanesbraut highway between Hafnarfjordur and Keflavik, including design of road and paths, five grade separated junctions, bridges and underpasses, drainage design, street lighting, preparation of tender documents and procurement.

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Reykjanes­braut / Fífuhvamms­vegur

Verkís services was almost all aspects of the design, preparation of tender documents and procurement, design of roads and paths, three grade separated junctions, bridges, underpasses, drainage, noise reduction, street lighting, traffic forecasting, traffic simulation, geotechnical- and groundwater research.

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