Road and Highway design

Reykjanes­braut / Hafnarfjörður

Between Hafnarfjörður and Keflavík - Iceland

  • Reykjanesbraut-Hafnarfjordur

Verkís handled many aspects of the design of Reykjanesbraut highway between Hafnarfjordur and Keflavik, including design of road and paths, five grade separated junctions, bridges and underpasses, drainage design, street lighting, preparation of tender documents and procurement.

 Sizes: 24 km
 Project time:  2001 - 2007

Project overview:
Reykjanesbraut connects the Keflavik International airport to Reykjavik and the whole country. In the future all junctions on Reykjanesbraut between Keflavik and the planned Sundabraut are to be grade separated.

The project included pre-design and final design of expanding Reykjanesbraut highway, between Hafnarfjordur and Keflavik, into a dual carriageway, complete with junctions to adjacent roads.

The existing road, which was built in 1965, was a two lane single carriageway with a concrete surface. A new two lane carriageway was built alongside the existing road. All grade separated junctions were made diamond shaped with roundabouts at either side. In the first phase the new carriageway was built from Hafnarfjordur to Vatnsleysustrond, about half of the total length of the project. Two grade separated junctions were built, one at each end of the phase. In the latter phase the dual carriageway was completed all the way to Keflavik. Three grade separated junctions were built at Vogar, Grindavik and Njardvik. An underpass was also built on an old public route for walking and riding travellers.

In addition, the safety area along the pre-existing road was improved and the road to Grindavik was rebuilt on a 600m section next to Reykjanesbraut.