Road and Highway design

Buamyr - Grimstveit

Sveio - Norway

  • Buamyr-Grimstveit

Verkís services was project management, road design and tender documents.

 Sizes: 2 km
 Project time:  2014 - 

Project overview:
Prepare the tender documents for the 2 km long road on the west coast of Norway. The road is a county road located in Sveio municipality in Norway. Statens Vegvesen Vest is the owner of it and is responsible for the supervision and rebuilding of the road.

The road connects existing roads and in the context of the new road shall be designed two underpasses. One is a small tube, D=2m, for sheep and other county animals, and the other one is bigger and for the farmers to get between towns and fields, it is also intended for pedestrians and cyclists. Bus stops with design of lighting systems will be located near the underpasses.

Several houses are exposed to the noise from the roads, there will be conducted sound features for these houses. VIJ is responsible for design of the lighting and has supervision over existing pipe system. Olav Olsen design the bigger underpass.

The project plan is to improve the involvement and development of the road, which will ensure safety for all passengers who travel these roads.