Traffic noise conditions

Apartment buildings at Hlíðarendi

Hlíðarendi - 101 Reykjavík - Iceland

  • Hlidarendi-fjolbyli

Verkís services was consultancy for acoustics in apartment buildings and for traffic noise.

 Sizesr: 120 apartments
 Project time:  2014

Project overview:
Consulting regarding acoustics in a new residential area at Hlíðarendi, Reykjavik. In the first part of the project, there are 120 dwellings. The consulting includes a pre-project report at an early stage of the design and a final acoustics report with the design criteria regarding acoustics of the houses. Also included are calculations of traffic noise on the outside and on the inside of the houses, and the choice of appropriate sound insulation windows and other measures to reduce annoyance because of the traffic noise.