Traffic technology

Smartphone program development


  • sagatraffic

Verkís services was design the original version of the smartphone program that records travel behavior.

Project time: 2014

Project overview:
The project was carried out by Saga Traffic, Verkís subsidiary, with a support from Rannís. The smartphone program records all trips with the help of GPS and phone masts.

The goal of the project is to develop methods to perform electronic travel routine surveys by using a smartphone. Compared with traditional methods with electronic registrations is easier to keep track of participants travel routines, registration of journey length, travel time, route choice and pace will be more accurate and processing of the data will be both simpler and more accurate.  It is also the goal of the project to simplify the registration of participants work as much as possible and develop accessible user interface, designed to reduce dropout rate. The main objective of the program is to check travel behavior and use the results, but the program also has entertainment for those who like to keep up with transportation over a longer or shorter time.