Hvalfjörður tunnel

Hvalfjörður - Iceland

  • Hvalfjardargong

Verkís handled almost all aspects of the design of Hvalfjordur sub-sea tunnel: Design of road alignment and road, concrete portals, electricity substations, drainage system, pump system for seepage water in tunnel nadir, traffic signage and risk assessment.

 Sizes: 5.650 m
 Project time:  1987 - 1992

Project overview:

The Hvalfjordur tunnel spans Hvalfjordur fjord close to the fjord mouth. The tunnel is excavated in bedrock. The construction of the tunnel shortened the ring-road along the west coast by 42 km.

The tunnel has two lanes, but in the north end an additional climbing lane is provided to allow overtaking of slow vehicles. Portals are at 500 m intervals to allow turning around.

The project was a milestone in construction of this scale in Iceland as it was the first private finance initiative without direct funding by the state treasury.

The company Spolur handled the construction and now owns and operates the tunnel. Spolur charges a road toll to pay for the construction and when the investment has been fully repaid the tunnel will become property of the Icelandic administration.