District heating systems

Borgarfjörður district heating

Akranes, Borgarfjörður - Iceland

  • Hitaveita-Akraness-og-Borgarfjardar

Verkís services was feasibility studies, preliminary design, detail design, tender documents, selection of mechanical and process equipment, structural design, ventilation, mechanical equipment, mains and distribution system and project management.

 Sizes: 85 MW and 180 l/s
 Project time:  1979 - 1981

Project overview:
The Akranes and Borgarfjörður district heating company was founded in 1979 for utilization of the artesian flow from the hot spring Deildartunguhver located near Reykholt. The project was finalized in 1981. In the year 2002 The Akranes and Borgarfjörður district heating company merged with Reykjavik Energy.


The hot water comes from the highest-flow hot spring in Iceland, Deildartunguhver, and a few wells. About 180 l/s of 100°C hot water emerges from the spring. The water is used for space heating in Borgarnes and Akranes towns and in farms and summer houses on the route. There is a gravity flow from the hot spring to the main pumping station where the water is de-aerated and pumped after the transmission main to the towns Borgarnes (34 km) and Akranes (64 km).


On the 64 km route from Deildartunga to Akranes there are three pumping stations. The flow is controlled by variable speed control on the pumps with the purpose of keeping the water level in the height in the tank/compensating reservoir. At the end of the transmission main at Akranes is a reservoir tank and pumping station for the distribution system in the town.


In the beginning the pipeline was comprised of insulated asbestos cement pipes laid on slightly elevated ground and covered with turf. In recent years a part of them have been renewed as pre-insulated buried steel pipes. All distribution networks are with pre insulated bonded steel pipes, i.e. steel pipes insulated with polyurethane with a PEH casing pipe.