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Reykjavík energy optical fiber system

Reykjavík - Iceland

  • Svaedisskipulag

Verkís services was system design, feasibility study, project management, quality control, selection of materials, cost estimates, surveys, design and storage of geographic information databases.

Project time:  1999 - 

Project overview:
Reykjavík's basic fiber network has been operational since 1999 and has been designed solely by Verkís. More than 2.200 business connections, not including FTTH connections, have been designed by Verkís since 1999 and Verkís has designed fiber connections to around 4 - 5.000 users in FTTH projects in Iceland.

Extensive knowledge of the most widely used fiber solutions in Iceland and the world today has hence been accumulated by Verkís since the beginning of the development of fiber optics. With 20 years' experience in fiber optic project development, Verkís offers optimized, cost effective, technical design solutions in all major areas of fiber optic systems. Verkís' design team has worked closely with Reykjavik Energy in their FTTH projects. Verkís can offer a team of experts adapted to the size and scale of each project. Experts at Verkís have different backgrounds covering all the aspects of fiber optic system projects, some of whom have been involved with these types of projects since 1988.

The FTTH project in Iceland is based on an open access concept where all suppliers of media, internet and telephone have equal opportunities within the system to reach the client. This gives clients the opportunity of choosing service providers and maintains active competition within the market.