Sewage systems

Hraunavík treatment plant

Hafnarfjörður - Iceland

  • Hreinsistod-i-Hraunavik

Verkís services was chief engineering consultant and designer, which includes the geotechnical, structural, environmental, mechanical, HVAC design, tender documents and construction supervision.

 Sizes: 740 m2 og 900 l/s
 Project time:  2005 - 2007

Project overview:
Construction of pumping and treatment plants in Hraunavík is part of the implementation of sewer Hafnafjarðar which has been named "Coastline cleanup".

In the treatment plant is all sewage from Hafnarfjarðarbær purified by first cleaning step. This means that all solids larger than 3 mm in diameter are filtered from the sewage in two coarse filters. In addition, grease and sand are separated from the sewage. All grease and sand is collected in a separate container, which is emptied regularly in special landfill. The grease is collected in a special compartment in the center and then injected from a special tank cars into special landfill.

After this cleaning the sewage is tiny and then injected into the sea about 2 km long drainage down to 23 m depth. The sea eliminates and dilutes the sewage water out fairly quickly, so that the concentration of pollutants from the drainage are well within the environmental limits.